Special Request by Ziegler | Ziegler
Personalised and exclusive transport solutions for the most demanding customers.

Benefit from premium transport solutions.

Designed by Ziegler, Special Request by Ziegler was created to satisfy specific transport demands and meet its customers’ expectations.

More than logistic specialists, we are true architects of complex transport and logistics. We plan, design and construct competitive worldwide networks to transport, store and handle goods efficiently and reliably by land, sea and air. We know the ever-changing regional conditions and give individual support to our customers to be globally successful.

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“We can immediately mobilise the best specialists in all transport areas to organise and track your goods in real-time.” Alain Ziegler, President of Ziegler Group
What we offer

Request is taken into account instantly thanks to the 24/7 availability of your own expert shipping manager.

Shipping expert organises the maximum protection of your shipments from the moment they are taken over until their final delivery.

Shipping expert guarantees full confidentiality and discretion for all operations to be carried out.

Direct or multimodal delivery solutions for the majority of countries in the world.

Priority shipment, an exclusive vehicle, and many other premium solutions.

Monitor the transported goods in real-time until their final delivery.