Hazardous Materials and Chemicals Transportation Services


The transportation of hazardous materials is where the highest standards and safety procedures apply.

For more than thirty years we have specialised in the transport and logistics of chemicals and hazardous materials. We know the complexity of the regulations governing this industry. Constant diligence, continuous high quality and adherence to strict standards and procedures are our highest priority for these shipments.

Our many years of experience have resulted in us building up the relevant infrastructure, buildings, all necessary licenses and certificates, and most of all the know-how necessary for storing and transporting chemicals and hazardous materials. Thanks to this, we offer the best solutions and the most professional service in the storage, handling, land and sea transport and customs services for the chemical industry, combined with a comprehensive management and reporting system.


What we offer

Dedicated sites for general cargo and hazardous products, with 7 safety classes.

Certified ADR drivers (Accord for Dangerous Goods by Road).

SQAS certificate, (Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability).

Safety, security, and environmental awareness detailed procedures in the chemical supply chain.

Solutions to meet both current and future sustainability goals.

Minimise environmental risks and maximise safety and performance.