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Advice and outsourcing

Increasing cost pressure and rationalisation are forcing industrial companies to take new approaches. Companies are outsourcing their logistics to specialised service providers. With crew4you, the freight forwarder ZIEGLER offers support which specialises precisely in your transport assignments.

What makes crew4you customers successful?

crew4you knows and understands the current challenges in the global market. Our teams have built up a wealth of experience in transport and special logistics – from which you will benefit immediately as a customer.

Managing your logistics projects

crew4you will coordinate and monitor your logistics projects. If you require additional services, ZIEGLER will introduce additional partners.

Are your logistics projects international?

crew4you can also think and act for you worldwide, so you will benefit from the globally active ZIEGLER network.

Your benefits from outsourcing

  • Cost savings
  • Increased flexibility
  • Above-average quality standards
  • Tax optimisation of your supply chain


Full logistics service

Cutting-edge technology for you – with ZIEGLER your logistics tasks in best hands.

Machinery, equipment and large components

Transport of new machinery, complete machines and large components throughout Europe and worldwide. On request, crew4you will accept your machinery uncounted and unpacked, check its completeness according to the delivery note, and assist you in preparing packing lists, customs invoices and certificates of origin.

Supply and distribution of spare parts worldwide

Whether it is restocking once a month off decentralised spare parts warehouses worldwide, or help in resolving an urgent machine
breakdown on a different continent; the ad-hoc supply of field service technicians, or long-term, planned machinery refurbishment – crew4you will support you with customised solutions.

Supply of parts and components for production and assembly

Maybe you require parts for your production at a specific time? Or you produce precisely to your customers’ specifications, so a large number of parts/materials that are not kept on stock is needed? crew4you will organise or assist with your supply chain management and communicate directly with your international suppliers worldwide. This includes the timely call-off of orders that are due, as well as exporting semifinished parts for processing and subsequently reimporting them into Switzerland.

Temperature-controlled transport for sensitive products

Perhaps your products must only be stored and transported within a particular temperature  range? For example, transporting perishable foodstuffs and laboratory samples over long distances mean a challenge. The temperature has to be complied with precisely, and the cold chain must not be interrupted throughout the entire transport. ZIEGLER will apply for any permits required throughout the entire transport.

Shipment of high-value goods

The shipment of high-value goods is one of the specialist areas of crew4you. Transport of high-value goods call for flexible scheduling to enable the permanent tracking of consignments, and reliable partners with appropriately equipped vehicles.

Debranding of goods or parts

Food producers, textile manufacturers, producers of domestic appliances, and many others produce or distribute goods all over the world. For various reasons, printed or engraved markings such as logos, parts numbers or the manufacturer’s information may need to be changed, debranded or relabelled.

Transport outside Switzerland – cross trade shipping

crew4you are experts in cross trade shipping and triangular trade – in other words, transport in which origin and the destination are located
abroad. Reliability and logistics expertise are crucial here. On request, ZIEGLER will debrand both the goods and the documents, and ship the freight directly from the manufacturer to the end recipient. When it comes to third-country business, the ZIEGLER network guarantees that your goods are transported rapidly and securely.

Transport-proof packaging – professional organisation

crew4you takes care of the timely and professional packing of all types of industrial goods and commodities, for all forms of transport and destinations. crew4you can organise the packaging directly at your factory – including assembly and/or dismantling work.

Complete customs clearance

The customs tariff number, EORI number, tax number… crew4you will check for you to ensure all the documents are complete, and will organise the entire customs clearance process.

Letters of credit

A letter of credit is a proven tool of processing and guaranteeing a financial transaction. As an exporter, you want to be able to rely on receiving the agreed purchase price for your delivery; as an importer you also need to be sure of receiving the goods you ordered for your money. A letter of credit offers you security in both aspects. Several factors influence the choice of the appropriate letter of credit – for
example the country of export or import, the business relationship between the parties, the seller’s and buyer’s readiness to take risks, or their liquidity requirements. So there is no such thing as a universal letter of credit, but a different version to suit every transaction and every situation.

Crew4you can consult you on which of the numerous letters of credit is best suited to your business.


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