Wir optimieren Ihre Liefer- und Vertriebskette für die Modebranche


We understand the needs and challenges facing the fashion industry today. Constantly rising customer expectations, high competitiveness, the need to create unique customer experiences and inventory optimisation make the fashion industry one of the most demanding industries today.

The pace and volatility of business for our fashion customers is tremendous, and we keep up with them and support them in creating the best fulfillment solutions to optimise both speed and cost.


Unser Angebot

Cross-docking solutions to manage your multi-vendors supplies and consolidate orders per shop.

Order preparation, packaging, labelling, kitting, co-packing.

Storage, bonded storage and cross-docking.

Optimisation and management of customs operations.

Standard, urgent or fixed date deliveries tailored to current needs.

Multimodal and combined transportation services for supply optimisation.