Special Request, Ziegler Group’s premium service, is now available! | Ziegler
22 January 2021

Special Request, Ziegler Group’s premium service, is now available!

The Special Request service officially premiered on January 14, 2021.

Special Request is a premium service offered by Ziegler Group, that mobilises a team of experts across varied fields of transport and logistics for your specific transport requirements. These highly specialised professionals are available on various communication channels 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond immediately with personalised service to our customers’ every need.

We understand that clients entrust Special Request’s experts with their most valuable goods. This is why the core values of Special Request are confidentiality, discretion, superior quality, and security.

Each Special Request order is approached individually. We look after each order based on the customer’s overriding needs related to the goods and services. The whole process is organised so that the client can be completely hands-off, knowing that their needs are being taken care off. We offer a comprehensive service, the components of which we select individually for the given situation, goods, and customer needs. This is possible thanks to the combination of Ziegler’s more than 100 years of experience, and a team working together in a complementary and flexible startup style.

Visit our website and find out how you can benefit from the Special Request offer.