Value-added supply chain to support the fashion industry
9 April 2021

Value-added supply chain to support the fashion industry

Running a business in the fashion industry is a considerable challenge, and success in this industry often depends on a good understanding of its specifics and the ability to adapt to its needs. The same applies to the business partners you choose to support you in this industry. High and diverse customer expectations, frequently changing needs, seasonality, assortment diversity, and the need to respond flexibly to market demands should all be well understood by fashion business partners.


Our aim as a supply chain partner for the fashion industry is to take as many duties off the customer as possible so that they can concentrate on their core business and rely on us not only for transport and logistics but also for many other additional supply chain services.


Besides our standard services for all types of custom transport, warehousing, customs formalities, and so on, we also offer a whole range of additional services that support unique fashion industry demands.

These value-added services can include:
Unpacking goods, attaching hangers, and placing in the correct arrangement on hanging racks or shelves
• Labeling and tagging
• Applying an alarm button to each item of clothing
• Kitting
• Preparation of size packs in foil sleeves
And many other tasks depending on our customers’ needs.

We also offer additional services for high-value fashion products. These can include but are not limited to securing products with silk paper, extra shipment security, adding labels to packages, and any other added-value our customer requires.


Our team has a wealth of supply chain experience and understands this market’s needs and characteristics, so we can offer you a service perfectly suited to your needs. We aim to provide you with the kind of support that will enable you to focus on your business and rely entirely on us for all of your supply chain needs.

Contact a Ziegler fashion supply chain specialist and find out how we can support you in your business.