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27 September 2021

Meet the Ziegler Belux Road Freight Champs

Ziegler Belux has specialized road freight hubs strategically located to meet the diverse requirements and goals of our clients. Instead of a ‘one size fits all’ method, Ziegler’s expert teams approach each client individually, thanks to extensive knowledge and experience.

Learn more about the advantages and specialization of Ziegler’s road freight locations in Belgium and Luxembourg.



Ziegler Aalst

Ziegler Aalst is one of the main distribution platforms for our Belgian customers and agents across Europe. It also serves customers across several industries including fashion, food, automotive and technical industries.

The variety of industries served by this branch has resulted in a high level of flexibility in the ability to adapt the warehousing conditions to the needs of each customer.

Goods are mainly transported between southern Europe and Belgium. You can count on daily arrivals and departures to Spain and Italy and at least two departures a week to Portugal and Greece.

With its own distribution fleet of 50 trucks with tail lift, Ziegler Aalst can directly manage shipment to the final destination.


Wijngaardveld 34

9300 Aalst

+32 (0)53 / 78.71.72



Ziegler Brussels (Canal)

Ziegler Canal has a reputation for specialties in fashion and beverage transport. Our warehouse is specially customized to the needs of these industries, with a sealed and secure area for storage of very costly wines, tailor-made racks to optimize storage, and an entire dedicated warehouse specifically for clothing.

Moreover, Ziegler Canal is also a hub that handles daily deliveries to Brussels.  Our warehouse, a passive building of the last generation, is located right at the entrance of the city and this is a great advantage.

Our flexibility is what sets us apart. We work with clients to find solutions and we can put our expertise at the client’s disposal. With our own fleet, as well as a good affiliated network, our deliveries are made throughout Belgium, France, Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. 

For each shipment, we offer a Track & Trace service which allows customers to be aware of the progress and status of their order.

All the while, Ziegler Canal is helping the Ziegler Group reach towards high sustainability standards, with our eco-friendly warehouse and energy self-sufficiency.


Chaussée de Vilvorde 11

1120 Brussels

+32 (0)2 / 422.23.26




Ziegler Kortrijk

Ziegler Kortrijk is known for its daily shipments for groupage, LTL, and FTL to France, Switzerland and Italy thanks to a combination of direct back and forth transports and an extensive network of freight agents.

We work with companies operating in a wide variety of industries, from heavy industrial machinery, general machinery, and machine parts for medical equipment, to wood, glass, construction and textile products. 

We also have extensive experience in transporting chemicals and hazardous materials. 

The warehousing solutions are always tailored to the needs of the product and the customer.


Transportcentrum LAR – Blok B1

8930 Menen-Rekkem

+32 (0) 56 / 43.12.20



Ziegler Ghent

Besides regular departures to Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, Ziegler Ghent is specialized with its frequent transport operations with the UK and Ireland. You can benefit from our daily road departures to the UK and export/import for groupage, LTL and FTL.

Even after Brexit, demand continues to increase. Ziegler Ghent is equally experienced in the transportation of harmless and dangerous chemicals, machinery, textiles, and medical devices.

We also offer dedicated supply chain solutions for our partners.


Wiedauwkaai 7

9000 Gent

+32 (0)9 / 264.08.11



Ziegler Welkenraedt

Located between 4 major axes, Ziegler Welkenraedt has an important and strategic location. 

One of the main activities of Ziegler Welkenraedt is logistics. This site is the second largest distribution platform in Belgium and is specialized in supply chain management for companies operating mainly in the construction, manufacturing, clothing, and automotive industries. We transport nearly all types of products with the exception of chemicals and dangerous goods. Also, we have our own fleet which includes Euro 6 trucks and coil transport up to 24 tonnes. 

Moreover, this branch is not only specialized in logistics but also in daily shipments to and from Germany, as well as Eastern Europe. 

Our own fleet included special vehicles such as carriers and seedlings with tail lifts.  And on site, having almost a hundred employees allows them to offer daily departures for groupage, LTL and FTL within Belgium and to other European countries.


rue Mitoyenne 897

4840 Welkenraedt

+32 (0)87/ 59.22.11



Ziegler Expo Logistics

No matter where in the world you are attending trade fairs and exhibitions, Ziegler Expo will handle all your exhibition logistics. We work with all types of clients and exhibitors to offer a door-to-door service, taking care of the exhibitor’s needs from the time we leave their company until their return after the event. 

Ziegler Expo is able to deliver all kinds of goods. We have our own fleet to handle collections and transport according to the specific requests from clients. For transportation to international exhibitions, we use the comprehensive capacities of Ziegler Group to transport goods by sea, air, and/or land. 

Ziegler Expo provides expertise in all aspects of trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses. We have a specialised team within all areas of transport logistics. We have handled among others:

  • Brussels fairs and exhibitions: official partner for the Motor Show, Batibouw, Busworld and supplier of the Exhibition Centre for other events.
  • Other sites in Belgium such as Flanders Expo, Antwerp Xpo, Kortrijk Xpo, and all other small congress/exhibitions centres. We are also an official partner of Square Brussels convention centre.
  • Customs and transport of works of art 
  • We also have the expertise for deliveries to secure sites such as the European Parliament, NATO, Shape, etc.


Boechoutlaan 107

1853  Strombeek-Bever

+32 (0)2 / 475.45.44



Ziegler Luxembourg

Ziegler Luxembourg is strategically located in Eurohub to facilitate logistics throughout Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany and even into The Netherlands and Switzerland. With our own fleet of EURO 6 class trucks, we organize multiple departures every day.

Ziegler Luxembourg is specialized in ​LTL shipping, and can welcome all general cargo. The branch is also specialized in transporting various kinds of coil products such as aluminum and paper. Track and Trace is available for all shipments, so clients always know where their shipment is.

In addition, this site has a 10.000 m2 warehouse, where alcoholic beverages can be stored.

A reputation for consistent client satisfaction and on-time deliveries has made Ziegler Luxembourg a trusted logistic provider in the region. We remain ready to assist new customers with their shipping needs.


335 ZAE Wolser J L 

3434 Dudelange





Ziegler Liège (Herstal)

This site is specialized in storage but also in import and export for partial or full (FTL) transport of general cargo throughout France. 

Moreover, Ziegler Herstal can charter anything needed for land delivery. With Track and Trace, the customer can check where their delivery is at all times.


Parc Industriel des Hauts-Sarts 

Rue de l’Abbaye, 103

4040 Herstal

+32 (0) 4/ 248.24.50


Ziegler Charleroi

Ziegler Charleroi is the place to receive the best options for complex cross-border transport for full or partial truckloads. 

With deep knowledge of customs procedures and charter connections, Ziegler Charleroi focuses on taking care of transport for their clients. 


Rue des Fusillés 21 Ex. Terminal Airport BSCA

Building S7- Door A

6041 Gosselies

Tel : +32 (0)71/25.11.68



Ziegler Zeebrugge

Ziegler Zeebrugge is strategically located at the Port of Zeebrugge to facilitate import and export to the UK and Ireland. With multiple daily departures to various destinations, we stay busy with clients who are satisfied with our ability to come up with unique and flexible solutions that other carriers cannot provide.. 

Our knowledge of customs procedures in this region keeps products moving towards the intended destination smoothly.  

As always, we keep doing the utmost to serve and satisfy our customers, and with our growing team which combines experience and new young talent, we are always seeking to improve our services.


Kustlaan 180/A

8380 Zeebrugge

Tel : +32(0) 50/ 36 68 90




Whether your needs are complex or straightforward, Ziegler’s road freight specialists will come up with the best possible solutions for you. Beyond that, Ziegler Group operates a close-knit global network with 154 branches in more than 15 countries, and in 80 countries, Ziegler Group cooperates closely with trusted partners. 

Therefore, no matter the scale or complexity of your transportation needs, Ziegler Group will go the distance with you.