“It’s a matter of trust, and that’s what we have at Ziegler!” | Ziegler
18 February 2021

“It’s a matter of trust, and that’s what we have at Ziegler!”

With Frederick Van Glabeke from Tessutica, we talked about how interpersonal relationships, proactivity, accountability, and a lot of persistent work help overcome supply chain challenges during Brexit. 


Frederick Van Glabeke has worked in Tessutica – a part of Beaulieu International Group, a textile manufacturing company – since 1998. Over the years he has seen many changes in the company and its environment. He understands well the influence that his business partners and their relations with representatives on the company’s operations, especially when it comes to operating in challenging circumstances. “Only when working with Ziegler do I always have a sense of total commitment – the feeling that they care,” he says.

Five years ago, his company moved production from Belgium to Romania. It was then that the decision was made to look for cheaper supply chain cooperation options. Cooperation with other companies was established, but after many failures, the decision was made to again resume working with Ziegler.

“We returned to Ziegler because we needed a partner who knows what they are doing!’ Frederick recalls.

“When working with Ziegler, things always just go smoothly. The contact you have with the company is also invaluable. You always know who you are talking to and you feel taken care of. Ziegler is a large group with operations all over the world and yet you never feel anonymous in your contact, there is that «small company» touch, a personal approach, and a committed person on the other end. Plus operational excellence – service, quick responses, problem-solving, and finding solutions together,” he says.

Tessutica works mainly with the United Kingdom. It is their largest market. So the start of 2021 was a particularly stressful time for them. The uncertainty and formal complexities that Brexit brought with it were a significant challenge. Ziegler’s experts helped the company manage the process as smoothly as possible.

“Across the Beaulieu International Group, we continue to work with other companies on supply chain services. And at the end of the last year and the beginning of this year, in the context of Brexit, we all noticed obvious differences in Ziegler’s approach and capabilities compared to other companies. Only in the departments that were working with Ziegler was everything running smoothly – applications, stocking, customs, delivery…We were in awe, so noticeable was the difference,” Frederick claims.

“Even if there are some stumbles, marginal though they may be, Ziegler always rises to the challenge and never shirks responsibility. We always find a way through every situation together. It is a matter of trust, and this is something we have in Ziegler,” he adds.