Europe-China Rail Freight: Are you benefiting from all the advantages? | Ziegler
2 March 2021

Europe-China Rail Freight: Are you benefiting from all the advantages?

Rail freight was historically the most popular form of goods delivery. With the growth of ocean freight and the introduction of air freight options, it is no longer usually the first choice of customers. But it’s worth taking advantage of the benefits it offers, especially with the reduced capacity of sea and air transport.

With rail freight between China and Europe, we can offer a fast and reliable alternative to air and sea freight. You can benefit from high departure frequency, increased flexibility, and often shorter transit times compared to sea transport. Rail transport is also more cost-effective and offers greater capacity than air transport. It is also the most environmentally friendly of all transport solutions.

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about rail transportation.


How many departures are there per week?
This varies depending on the country. Usually, there are several departures a week on specific days of the week (for example, in Belgium, there are three or four departures a week depending on the season). In other countries, departures are planned on an ongoing basis depending on seasonal demand. Your Ziegler consultant will be happy to provide you with all the details.


What kinds of goods are transported to and from China with rail freight?
Everything except dangerous goods can be transported this way.


Is it possible to transport with controlled temperatures?
Yes, rail freight offers temperature-controlled conditions.


What is the maximum volume that the trains can handle?
The maximum volume is 41×40 HQ per train (max. 23 tonnes per container).


What kind of cargo consolidation do you offer?
We offer both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-than-Container Loads (LCL).


Are there any stops between the departure point in Europe and China?
Yes, for formal reasons, there are two border stops in Poland and Kazakhstan.


Is it also possible to carry rail transport to other countries in Asia?
At the moment rail transport is only available between Europe and China.


What is the transit time?
Usually around 16 days.


Is the Track and Trace option available for the customer?
Yes, goods are tracked by GPS and all data is updated daily.



If you’re looking for economical and time-efficient transport for your goods, rail transport can answer your needs. Transit times are at least half those of ocean freight, and the price is often virtually the same. Contact a Ziegler rail-transport consultant and discover how rail freight can help your business.