Cargo Bikes – The City Freight Revolution | Ziegler
18 June 2021

Cargo Bikes – The City Freight Revolution

A revolutionary, eco-friendly freight solution for Brussels.


With city centers throughout Belgium increasingly restricted to larger vehicles, Cargo Bikes are the future for urban delivery vehicles. Cargo Bikes are being welcomed with open arms by cities across Europe and the Ziegler Group is actively involved in introducing this solution, starting with Brussels.


Cargo Bikes – More efficient in city centers and pedestrian zones!

  • No traffic jams
  • Zero emissions
  • Less road wear


Ziegler’s extra-long Cargo Bikes are already in operation in Brussels. The total length is 6 meters, and the trailer length is 3.6 meters with a maximum load capacity of 500 kilos.  Over the coming months, ten bikes of varying capacities will start performing last-mile deliveries in the Brussels city center.


How does it work?

Cargo Bikes fit into Ziegler’s existing distribution network with only a few specific changes. Delivery trucks bring pallets and packages to microhubs that are positioned around the city center. From these microhubs, the cargo bikes deliver goods into city center areas that have traffic restrictions. The bikes are equipped with track-and-trace, and deliveries to customers are done just like any other delivery.

Cargo Bikes allow our delivery services to make 25 stops in only two hours!


What kind of goods can such a vehicle deliver?

Cargo bikes can safely and efficiently transport various types of goods including, but not limited to: industrial goods, packages or pallets, dry food products, alcohol, clothing, and even products requiring temperature-controlled transport.


Ziegler Group is excited for the future of sustainable city transport, and Cargo Bikes will be playing a significant role in that future. Until relatively recently, existing road infrastructure did not make Cargo Bikes practical in big cities. But that is changing very quickly, not only making Cargo Bikes feasible but essential to the future of sustainable city transport.

It’s exciting to see how all involved parties are recognizing the positive impact that the Cargo Bike project represents. This is another crucial step that will make our cities less crowded and reduce the environmental impact of transport.


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